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30 Years of experience in digital cryptocurrency and assests business

ApexEmire.net is a leading asset management and investment company. We offer a unique opportunity to invest in multi asset class investment for both individual and institutional investors and we help over 16 million Investors in more than 42 countries feel more confident in their most important financial goals, we pre-seed entrepreneurs and teams build get to traction and funding by establishing a critical support network of local startup experts that are invested in their success, and by providing a structured and challenging business-building process. The ultimate goal of our existence is to make cryptocurrency, cloud mining, real estate, loan and agricultural investment an easy, smart and rewarding experience for all

The company offers long term and short term investment opportunities, ApexEmire Service was established in 2002 and it initially began trading stocks, shares and bonds, it got involved in real estate in 2008 and was among the pioneer traders of assests in the advent of Bitcoin in 2010. ApexEmire is founded with a vision to create 100% transparent trading experience for its clients. We provide easy to use trading platform with an auto-trading system for all users and spend lots of time providing education for our customers. Our company is interested in successful and prosperous traders who will create high trading volume. We are proud that we helped many customers to make revenue.

We’re proud to serve nearly half the world households with a broad range of financial services, including real estate investment, personal banking, Bitcoin mining , auto financing, investment advice, stock trading, small business loans and payment processing.

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ApexEmire.net is engaged with leading Bitcoin mining and crypto currency trading. It has no doubt that market of Bitcoin is incredibly increasing, So we offer our customers different and suitable investment plans tailored to meet the needs of both small and big investors.

We ensure maximal profit to each of our investors and keep possible risks by effective ways to their investments at the lowest levels. We put all the efforts to secure the deposit of investments upon achieveing maximum business profitability.



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Become a Globalvenux.com affiliate and enjoy high commissions for lifetime. earn 5% - 10% commission everytime if your downline make a deposit. There is no limitation for the commission.

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From the MINIMUM SUM of $35,000.00


(Under about bank transfer payment to know more)

Withdrawal Investigation Danielle Alexsson avatar Written by Danielle Alexsso Updated over a year ago When you withdraw fiat funds by bank transfer, you should attentively enter your beneficiary bank details:

Bank name
Country and address
IBAN or bank account number

This information is crucial, and a little mistake can lead to stuck transactions and even loss of funds. Remember that it’s your responsibility to provide the correct details.

If you withdraw fiat via bank transfer and money hasn’t appeared in your bank account in more than 3 business days, you can ask our team to investigate the situation. In all circumstances, we can try to find and return funds.

But first, we recommend that you check for possible reasons for the delay in your bank transfer.

To request a bank withdrawal search, please submit this form and provide with the below necessary information:
Your Globalvenux.com user ID.

You can find it in your profile drop-down menu under the Social networks section known as your username or user ID.

A contact should be made to our chat support e.g Mail/WhatsApp or Live chat support to submit all this requirements to.

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our journey

How We Started.

  • February 2000

    Company was founded

    Successfully started operating all over Europe and beyond providing quality services to individuals who want their money managed by our team of experts. Announced improvement in returns and a consecutive increase in a space of three weeks.

  • March 2010

    Company is growing

    Started managing millions per individual and amounted to having 10,000 clients all invested and getting paid pensively or long term purposes.

  • April 2011

    Development Started

    Successfully starts investing in all profitable commodities including stocks and assets. 1 Million BOE produced.

  • May 2012

    Pre-Ico Opens

    Started managing millions per individual and amounted to having 10,000 clients all invested and getting paid pensively or long term purposes.

  • June 2015

    Private Token Round

    Started managing millions per individual and amounted to having 10,000 clients all invested and getting paid pensively or long term purposes.

  • August 2017

    Pre-Ico Closed

    TA major breakthrough in representing client in the financial world BALT Lunches one of the largest mining pools and starts mining for individuals who invest in their system with their Coins to earn more exponentially.

  • September 2018

    Development Platform Launch

    Each Of This Services Is Designed To Benefit Both Our Partners And Investors And Also Generate Funds To Expand The Company To Various Continents Accepts The Word. While Doing This With A Totally Secured And Insured Investment.

  • October 2019

    App Integration Process

    From complex wealth management to your retirement needs, we can help you with financial planning.


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